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Miscellaneous Notes from Ruth Middleton

Bucks County, Pennsylvania

will #2153 Leonard Vandergrift: wife Charity, Abraham, Thomas, Josiah, Leonard, Rebecca, Amos, Aaron, Joseph, 20 May 1788. The will is dated 20 Apr 1775. Letters of Administration granted 20 May 1788.

Alleghenny 1st Ward City of Pittsburgh 1870

1632/2167 p51 /270

Alleghenny 1st Ward city of Pittsburgh 1870

p252/33 2041

Anna Vandergrift 35 domestic b. Ireland living with Maria F. Steen

S.L. film #0805068 Alleghenny City 1860 Census 314/360 p50

  • Min Sweeny 54 female Hotel Keeper
  • T. Vandergrift 32 Ship Carpenter born PA City
  • L. Vandergrift 26 female
  • C. Vandergrift 5 female
  • W. Vandergrift 3 male
  • I. Wilson 53 male miner born Ireland

Lawrenceburg TN GS film #1149 pt20

Rose Hill Cemetery

Mattie Lee Vandergrift 43 2 Aug 1885, 28 Feb 1928

Carter County TN tax list 1798

Vandergriff Jacob Sr. Jacob Jr. Leonard Gilbert

Alleghenny County PA 1840 GS film #5071 pt2

Vandergrift John James George William Samuel Hart Elizabeth These are all south Pittsburgh

GS film #441968

Vandergrift Paulus Leonard / Jannetje Heindrix Lysbet born 10 Juni 1624 Arejan born 9 Juli 1628

Pennsylvania, 1810

Vandergrift Jacob: Frankford Twp. Philadelphia CO, p59A Jacob: Frankford Twp, Phila Co. p58A Jacob: Bensalem, Bucks Co., p928 Jacob: Pikes Run, Washington CO. p674

The Jacob who lived in Frankford Twp was married to Sarah Brittain The one found in Ppikes Run, Wash. Co. was Mary Hart's husband; these were my ancestors.

The Jacob of Frankford, Phila. Co. was, I believe , a son of Nicholas of Delaware.

Vandergrifts in Tennessee in 1830 (note spelling)

Vandagrift: David Anderson Co. p 21 David Anderson Co. p190 Leonard Anderson Co. p177 William Anderson Co. p177 Vandegrift Gilbert Granger Co. p363 Gilbert Hamilton Co. p85 Gilbert Hamilton Co. p74 Joseph Hamilton Co. p85 Leonard Hamilton Co. p86 Jacob Anderson Co. p176 John Anderson Co. p176 Lucretia R. Rhea Co. p363 Vandergrift Garrett Hammilton Co. p84 Garrett Anderson Co. p 176

In early Tennessee Vandergrifts lived all along the rivers of TN. I have seen very old Dutch three corner cupboards, I am sure were made or brought over the Virginia Mts and through valleys by our early Vandergrifts and VanZants from PA and Del and NJ.

Everton Publishers 1860 surname check

Vandergrift S G S 34 steamboat capt. 8000 PA Elizabeth 31 Albert 13 Samuel 9 Charles 6 Victoria 3 Ganny 5 mos.

I believe this is a son of John, son of Jacob and Mary Hart. Haven't proven this.

In 1870 Alleghenny Ccity 1st Ward p90/209 Anna Vandergrift 35 domestic, b. Ire. living w/ Maria F. Stein 45 Boarding House b. VA / Stein ch: Amelia 19, John 17, James 15, Leslie 13, Anna 11

Chris b1681 f/o Leo 1709, f/o Leo m. Lydia; don't know if mo. was Jane or Sarah

This is transcript of page from OLD BIBLE RECORDS DELAWARE FAMILIES, p239; S.L. ref: 975.1 v.29d Vol.4. I zeroxed this many years ago so that this book is most likely on microfilm by now; there is a cross ref: also, you should be able to access it by title from index card file.

I have side notes I made; evidently Leonard's first wife, Lydia, died and he had another family by second wife, Ruth Sankey. 1756 to 1779 would make him only 23 when Geo. was b. in 1779.

Way back when I did research for King book, and must have questioned this date at that time as I have pencilled in notes that Leonard was born 1750, so his birth would have been 6/4/1750 instead of 1756. As his father died between Oct. & Nov. 1750 he would have been only abt. 5 months old. This Leonard is the one who became a War Correspondent.

In addition, I have noted beside Leonard's info, "New Castle wills # missed 1968" Evidently I at first could not find the will, then located it as #1968. I have a whole page of numbered wills, this I will have to send soon as there are several people looking for info on collateral lines & I am inundated. This page had been in another folder, I came across it by luck. It is priceless. c u later, ruth



1. Lenaert Vandegrift Amsterdam Holland m. Maritjen Pauwels

2. Jacob Leendertsen Vandegrift bp. 1622 Holland d. 1691 m.1645 Rebecca Frederickse

3. Leendert Vandegrift bp. 12-19-1655 Dtch. Ref. Ch. N.Y. Banns 11/3/1678 Styntje Elswaerts

4. Christoffel Vandegrift bp. 8/6/1681 D. Ref. Ch. Phila. moved to St. Georges Del., Elder Old Drawyers 1732 mar. Sarah Druith

5. Leonard Vandegrift bp. 1709 Bucks Co. will 10/16/1750 11/3/1750 mar. Jane Johannis, (2) Sarah


  • (1) Christopher Vandegrift b.6/8/1732, d.6/8/1816 T.S. St. Geo. age 85 m. Ruth King
  • (2) Leonard m. Lydia ch: Lydia, Susannah, Phoebe,
  • Jacob,Jesse, Ebenezer.
  • (3) Lewis b. 1740; d 2/1/1805
  • (4) Abraham will 7/22/1780 wife Eliz. son Abraham
  • (5) Isaac
  • (6) Mary
  • (7) Sarah

7. Rev. War Accountant Del. Arch. p853 Leonard Vandegrift b.6/4/1756 d.2/5/1821 m. 5/14/1778 (2)Ruth Sankey b.1758 Newcastle d.8/25/1798 T.S. St. Georges. (1) George b 6/25/1779 (2) Christopher b.3/9/1781 (3) Francis b.1/8/1783 (4) Rebecca b.4/19/1784 (5)& (6) Thomas & Hannahb 11/3/1785 (7) Christiana b.1/23/1791 8. (8) William b.2/13/1791 m.3/18/1813 d.11/22/1829 m. Mary Walraven d. 3/22/1862 (9) Abraham b.12/22/1792 (10) Elizabeth b. 7/22/1795 (11) Leonard b.8/25/1798 9. Wilson E. Vandegrift(son of William) b.1/6/1828 d.2/3/1905 m.5/6/1851 m.Mary s. Downs b.5/1/1827 d.2/24/1913 10. Mary Ellen Vandegrift b.3/15/1852 d.1/26/1944 m.12/18/1871 James T. Shallcross b.7/15/1847 d.1/26/1911 (1) Esther Shallcross (Mrs. T. Clarence Marshall)

Other Tombstones in St. Georges:

  • Jacob d. 2/1/1845 age 82
  • Christopher Jr. d.3/1/1818
  • William d.6/5/1833 age 65


  • 8 Christopher m Lydia (Asperil) Walraven widow of Elias
  • 9. Leonard Geo. Vandegrift b 1813 m Eliz Janvier; m. Hester Dillworth; m. Rebecca Golden Vandegrift
  • 10. Leonard Geo. Vandegrift jr. m Sarah Alrich dau of Bayard Alrich
  • 11. Dilworth Vandegrift b.1785 m Florence Carpenter.

(1)Lenaert Vandegrift & Maritjen Pauwels; (2)Jacob Leendertsen Vandegrift & Rebecca Frederickse; (3)Leendert Vandegrist and Styntje Elswaerts; (4)Christoffel & Sarah Druith;(5) Leonard Vandegrift and Sarah(2); [this is where it get sticky for whoever made out this chart has a line drawn from Christopher to Isaac, and Christopher's wife, Ruth King is underlined, so you must have it correct, Christoffer is the link](6)Christoffer Vandegrift & Ruth King, (7) Leonard Vandegrift and Ruth Sankey,{2}; (8) William & Mary Walraven, (9) Wilson E. Vandegrift & Mary S. Downs, (10) Mary Ellen Vandegrift and James T. Shallcross, then Esther Shallcross (Mrs. Clarence Marshall)

St. George's Hundred Delaware Wills f#415,069

G 113: Lewis Geton yeoman St. George's Hundred 18 Feb 1732; 12 Apr 1748

Sons Lewis & Peter Geton, dau. Mary Vandergrift, dau. Sary Jeton, Exec. sons Lewis & Peter.

G 432: Leonard Vandergrift St. George's Hundred 16 Oct. 1750; Nov. 3, 1750 My widow Sarah(2) - Eldest son Christopher, Leonard, Lewis, Abraham, Isaac, Mary, Sarah.

Misc.1-495: Jacob Vandergrift 12 Apr. 1750 16 Jan. 1754 Leonard, & Jacob, Christian Atkinson, Ann & Elizabeth, 2 sons, 6 daughters.

Misc.2.5: Leonard Vandergrift 29 Aug 1769, 2 Oct. 1769 Wife, daughters Lydia, Susannah, & Phebe, Jacob, Jesse, & Ebenezer.

M231: Hannah Lewden, widow, New Castle Hundred 9m, 22, 1786 -12 Feb. 1787 Daughters Margaret Sawyer, Hannah, cousin, Mary wife of Benjamin Worrel, 5 grandchildren, Susannah Eves, George Sankey, Ruth Vandergrift, Hannah Boggs, Jane McCullough, cousin John Lewden. Executors, grandson Robert Middleton.

will # 2983 1 Jan F# 172,902 Bensalem, Bucks Co. Jacob: Jacob, William, David, granddaughter Mary Bennett, Elizabeth Larsen(?), Elizabeth Bennett.

will 2153 Samuel Vandergrift F# 172,901


Delaware Tercentenary Almanack & Historical Repository

The John L. Norton Farm (The Hermitage)
Block check list.

The great central area of Manhattan Island was not settled during the Dutch occupation. No grants were named north of the Great Kill on the Hudson River, or of Turtle Bay on the East River, or south of the Harlem line.

Several Dutch patents were issued for lands in Harlem. The most southerly of these was at Rechewanis, Montagnes Point, just north of the Great Kill (No 14 on the Manatus Maps), but his land reverted to the Dutch government at his death in 1643, and was not regranted until 1667.

In September of that year, Thomas Hall and three associates procured a patent from Gov. Nicolls, which they estimated at 500 acres.

Richard Nicolls, Governor, etc., to Thomas Hall, John Vigne, Egbert Wouters, and Jacob Leenderts. Patent dated Sept. 3, 1667.- Liber Patents, II: 97 (Albany)

Another patent dated Oct. 3,1667 - Liber Patents, II: III (Albany) Lots I & 2 fell to Jacob Leendertsen van de Grift

There is much more to this document. Lot Five of the Weylandt Patent. The most southerly lot patented to Paulus Leendertsen van der Grift.

Jacob Leendertsen Vande Grift to Johannes Van Couwenhoven. Deed dated 21 Aug. 1677 Not found of record. Recited in Liber Deeds, V: 186 (Albany)


Submitted by Lewis D. Cook, F.A.S.G., F.G.S.P./I>


[From a Bible inherited by David Stewart Craven (1873-1949), of Salem, New Jersey, and printed in Philadelphia by Mathew Carey, 1801]


Christopher Vandegrift Junr. and Jane Ford were married March 10th 1803{1}

Eli Biddle and Ann Eliza Vandegrift were married June 15th A.D. 1826.


Rebecca Vandegrift, wife of Christopher Vandegrift Sr. departed this life the 17th day of August 1803 {2}

Christopher Vandegrift Sr. departed this life June 8th A.D. 1816, aged eighty-five years 85{3}

Christopher Vandegrift Junr. departed this life March the 1st A.D. 1818 in his 50th year.{4}

Jane Vandegrift, wife of Christopher Vandegrift Junr. departed this life Feby. 10th A.D. 1827 in her 50th year. {5}

Thomas R. Vandegrift, son of Christopher Vandegrift Junr. and Jane his wife, departed this life May 15, A.D. 1807.

Mary B. Vandegrift, daughter of Christopher Vandegrift Junr. and Jane his wife, departed this life April 29th A.D. 1837 in her 22nd year. Christopher J. Vandegrift, son of Christopher Vandegrift Junr. and Jane his wife, departed this liife June 30th 1860 in the 56th year of his age.

Ann Eliza Biddle, wife of Eli Biddle, and daughter of Christopher Vandegrift and Jane Vandegrift, departed this life August 25th 1863 in the 55th year of her age. {6}

foot notes:

1. The New Castle Co. marriage license was of same date.

2. Rebeccaa (King) Vandegrift, wife of Christopher Vandegrift, Sr. was buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery near the village of St. Georges in Red Lion Hundred, New Castle Co. Del., with gravestone inscribed "aged 65 years."

3. Christopher Vandegrift was buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery as noted above, with gravestone in scribed "in his 85th year." The will of Christopher Vandegrift of St. Georges Hundred, New Castle Co., Del. dated 3 March 1807 and proved 14 Jun 1816, bequeathed to his son Leonard Vandegrift 75 lbs; to his son Jacob Vandegrift the plantation he lived on; to son William Vandegrift 130 lbs. and the bond for 100lbs. "he owes Me"; to granddaughter Rebecca Pennington, wife of Aldridge Pennington and daughter of Leonard Vandegrift, a negro girl; to son Christopher Vandegrift "the residue of my eatate with the plantation I live on," and appoointed him sole executor.

4. Buried in the Predsbyterian Cemetery near St. Georges, above noted, with gravestone.

5. Buried in the same cemetery as her husband, with gravestone inscribed "died Feb. 10, 1828 in her 45th year."

6. Gravestone inscribed "Eli Biddle 1794-1887" and "Eliza Biddle 1808-1853" is in the Presbyterian Cemetery near St. Georges, cited above. Eli Biddle died at the home of his wife's nephew, Thomas Jenkins Craven, Salem, N.J.

Rebecca Jane Craven, wife of David Stewart Craven, and daughter of Christopher and Jane Vandegrift, departed this life Nov. 14th 1874 in the 63rd year of her age. Buried at St. Georges Cemetery.{7}

7. The gravestone is inscribed "Capt. David Stewart Craven 1802-1862", and "Rebecca Jane Craven 1811-1874". They were married 1 March 1831, according to their family Bible record. He was b. 28 July 1802, son of Thomas and Mary Aspril Craven of St. Georges Hundred, New Castle Co. Del. He was captain of a steamboat plying between Salem and Philadelphia. ...


  • Christopher J. Vandegrift, son of Christopher Vandegrift Junr. and Jane his wife, was born December 3, A.D. 1804.
  • Thomas R. Vandegrift, son of Christopher Vandegrift Junr. and Jane his wife, was born February 10th A.D. 1807.
  • Ann Eliza Vandegrift , daughter of Christopher Vandegrift Junr. and Jane his wife, was born November 3rd A.D. 1808
  • Rebecca Jane Vandegrift, daughter of Christopher Vandegrift Junr. and Jane his wife was born December 17th A.D. 1811.
  • Mary Bethiah Vandegrift, daughter of Christopher Vandegrift Junr. and Jane his wife was born June 15th A.D. 1815

Delaware Family Records; PA Gene. Mag. p41


["Copy of old record kept in Bible of Margaret (O'Conner) Vandegrift; given, with the Bible, by Mary Jane Vandegrift, daughter of Margaret, to George Elbert Vandegrift, her nephew, my father." - From Miss Charlotte Vandegrift, 3904 Hartford St., St. Louis, MO, 1932:]


  • Oct 6th 1751 was Jacob Vandegrift married to Ann Atkinson by Philip Readen.
  • July 21st 1752 was my daughter Christian born.
  • October 29th 1754 was my son Leonard born.
  • January 1st 1757 was my daughter Sarah born.
  • March 10th 1759 was my son James born.
  • May 16th 1761 was my son Peter born.
  • August 8th 1763 was my son Sampson born.
  • November 12th 1765 was my daughter Ann born.
  • April 4th 1767 then did my beloved wife depart this life and left me to mourn.- Jacob Vandegrift, New Castle County, State of Delaware.


On 15 May 1744, their Uncle Jacob Vandegrift was appointed guardian of Sarah, aged 17, Ann, aged 16 ( 1728), and James, a minor, children of James Atkinson. New Castle Co. Orphans Court Book C. 37. In a deed dated 5 Feb. 1763 from Jacob Vandegrift and wife Ann, it is recited that said Ann Vandegrift was a daughter of James Atkinson. New Castle Co. Deed Book D-W, 91

On 19 Oct. 1773 a James Atkinson was appointed guardian of Peter, Sampson, Anna, Sarah and James Vandegrift, minor children of Jacob Vandegrift, decd. New Castle Co. Orphans Court Book, D.471

Letters of administration on the estate of Jacob Vandegrift of St. Georges Hundred, New Castle Co. were granted 14 Oct 1773 to Chtistopher Vandegrift, the widow Elinor having renounced her right to act. New Castle Co. Will Book F.92. The will of Jacob Vandegrift, dated 12 Apr 1750 and proved 16 Jan 1754, names sons Leonard and Jacob Vandegrift, daughters Christian Atkinson, Ann and Elizabeth; mentions two sons and six daughters, and appoints sons Jacob and Leonard executors. Calender New Castle Wills, 52.

Ann Vandegrift mar. James Atkinson, Ann preceeded James in death, when James died his children were given by the Court into the care of their Uncle Jacob Vandegrift, Ann's brother. Then when Ann Atkinson, daughter of James and Ann Vandergrift Atkinson came of age, she married her uncle Jacob into whose care she and her brothers and sisters had been given. The Bible records their children, and how sad Jacob was when Ann "left him to mourn." When Jacob died his children were given by the court into the care of their Uncle James Atkinson!!!

some 1 was lookin for Levi & Jesse Vandergrift
1840 census Philadelphia, Oxford Twp. Jesse p144 Levi p161

also Ben p153 Mary; Ab; John G.; and Jacob p152; This is my Jacob who moved to PGH. believe film is #444,792 GSL FHC


Cornelius Paynter b. 2 Mar 1862 son of Sam C. Paynter & Mary his wife, m. Josephine Vandergrift dau. of ... Vandegrift & Ann; witness Wm. J. Verden his wife 28 Apr 1880

p195 12. John Deal b. 12-12-1799 Frankford, manufacturer of shoes, P.M. 1844 J.P. 1850 m. Elizabeth Davis Vandegrift 1834 - Elizabeth Vandergrift was b. 10-6-1796 dau. of Daniel & Ann Evans Davis: m. James Vandegrift of Philadelphia. Elizabeth Davis Vandergrift Deal d. 3-30-1848 John Deal d. 10-23-1880 age 81

Vol 4 p36 Ann Vandergrift m. Thomas Jones had 3 children, 1 son, 2 daus. Thomas Jones 1st wife was Mrs. Wm. Whittson p634


Based on sources of 1st line and family records.

VI Christoffel Vandegrift, son of Leendert, bap. in N.Y.R.D. church, in Aug. 1681. He went to Bansalem, Pa. with his father. He m. 7 Apr. 1704 in 1st Presby. Church, Phila., Sarah Druith, dau. of Morgan and Cassandra Druith. He remmoved to Delaware. His son,

VII Leonard Vandegrift,, m. (1st) Jane Johannis; (2d) Sarah ---. His will, proved 3 Nov 1750, shows that his son by 1st. wife was

VIII Christopher Vandegrift, b. in 1731, June 8, recorded in 1st Presby. Church of Pphiladelphia. He made his will 3.3.1807, which was proved 6.14.1816. He d. 6.8.1816, ae. 85. No wife named but other evidence shows that she was Rebecca King, b. at Sackford Hall, McDonough, Del., dau. of Francis and Ann King, of New Castle Co., (See King Line). The date of this marriage is given as June 4, 1756. Rebecca d. Aug. 17, 1803.

He was an Elder in St. George's Church, Del. He suffered a loss of 100 lbs. damage by the British in St. George's Hundred, in 1777. Records of Drawyers Church show that the Vandegrifts bought land there in 1708. In his will he provides as follows: To son Leonard 75lbs., he having had his portion; son Jacob the plantation he lives on. To son William the money he owes me. Son Christopher residue of estate. Bequest (not stated) to Rebecca, dau. of son Leonard, wife of Aldrick Pennington. His son,

IX Jacob Vandegrift, b. on "Black Thorn Farm", St. George's Delaware, Apr. 17, 1763; d. there Feb 1, 1845. He m. there Apr. 28, 1791, Jean dau. of John McWhorter, b. Oct. 31 1768; d. Nov. 26, 1829. (See McWhorter Line). Jacob was Cornet in the 2d Troop of Light Dragoons, in the First Brigade, Jan 14, 1805. He was First Lieutenant, Oct.30,1807. (Del. Archives, 4/150). His children were:

  • Francis.
  • John.
  • Jacob,b. June 5 1797; d. Mar. 9, 1869; m. Eliza Derickson, who d. Aug 9, 1834; no children.
  • Rebecca, b. Feb 12, 1795; d. Sept. 13, 1829; m. William E. Eccles, 1 son, Eddmond Eccles.
  • Jane Carolline, b. Dec. 27, 1805; d. Jan 7, 1887; m. William J. Herlock, June, 1844
  • James Madison.

X James Madison Vandegrift, b. St. George's, Del., June 15, 1813; d. Apr 28, 1902, at McDonough, Del.,; m. (st) Aug. 21, 1844 by Peter John Hall in the Presbyterian Church, Trenton, N.J., Mary Adeline Ellis Cochran. (See Cochran Line). He. m. (2d) Miss Elizabeth Cleaver, He had:

  • Olivia Cochran.
  • Jane Carolline, b. Odessa, Del., May 29, 1850; d. Aug 23, Little Rock Ark.; m. Dec. 19, 1878, in St. George's, Del., Benjamin Smith Johnson, of Little Rock. (See Appendix).
  • Margaret Pennington, b. Odessa, De., Dec. 2, 1857; d. Oct. 6, 1928, Wilmington, Del.; m. Dec 9, 1877, Wm. Paul Mifflin, of St. George's , Del. (See Appendix).

XI Olivia Cochran Vandegrift, b. Odessa, Del., Mar. 18, 1846; d. in Little Rock Ark., June 24, 1931. She m. Sept. 26, 1871 in St. George's, Del., GEORGE WILSON DENISON. (Denison Cherry) Return to Vandergrift main page