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Religion in New Netherland

The doctine of Calvinism, as established by the Synod of Dordrecht for the Reformed Protestand Dutch Church, was the national religion of both Holland, and New Netherland.

The oath of office for magistrates contained the clause that they would maintain and exercise the Reformed Church service and no other, and the public practices of religion were not allowed to any sects in Holland except the Calviists. However, all others were permitted to exercise their religion in private homes, which were actually as if public, the places of preaching being spacious and of sufficient size for an assembly.

When the Prince of Orange accepted the office of stadtholder he declared to the world that he would maintain and promote the Reformed religion and no other, however, he would not cause any man to be accountable for his faith and conscience. To read the Five Points of Calvinism, please click here.