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Descendants of Rebecca Vandegrift

1. Rebecca (Sarah) Vandegrift was born in Dec 1683 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., New York. She was baptized on 15 Dec 1683. She died before Dec 1743 in Bucks Co., PA. The family migrated to New Castle County, Delaware, where Rebecca died. When Albertus Wan Sandt's will was probated in that county, on January 11, 1753, he names his wife as Sarah. Since it is not known when Rebecca died, it is not possible to say whether all the children named in Albert's will were by Rebecca.

Rebecca (Sarah) Vandegrift and Albertus Van Sandt were married on 8 Nov 1704 in First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pa. Albertus Van Sandt (son of Garret Stoffelse Van Sandt and Lysbeth Gerrits) was baptized on 13 May 1681. He died 1751 to 1753. Rebecca (Sarah) Vandegrift and Albertus Van Sandt had the following children:

+2 i. Elizabeth Van Sandt, born in 1705.
3 ii. Leonard Van Sandt was baptized on 5 Nov 1707. He died Probably died young.
4 iii. Harmanus Van Sandt was born.
5 iv. James Van Sandt was born.
6 v. John Van Sandt was born.
7 vi. Garrett Van Sandt was born.
+8 vii. Christina Van Sandt.
+9 viii. Rebecca Van Sandt.
+10 ix. Anne Van Sandt.

Second Generation

2. Elizabeth Van Sandt (Rebecca (Sarah) Vandegrift-1) was born in 1705. She was baptized on 3 Oct 1705.

Joudon was born.

8. Christina Van Sandt (Rebecca (Sarah) Vandegrift-1) was born. Leonard Vandegrift (1756-1821) son of Christopher (1731-1816) and Rebecca....married as his first wife Elizabeth Dushane who died 1777.

Unknown Dushane was born.

9. Rebecca Van Sandt (Rebecca (Sarah) Vandegrift-1) was born.

Unknown Martin was born.

10. Anne Van Sandt (Rebecca (Sarah) Vandegrift-1) was born.

Johannes\John Booram (son of Hendrick Van Boerum and Catherine Van Dyke) was baptized on 23 May 1725. He was born about 1725. Anne Van Sandt and Johannes\John Booram had the following children:

+11 i. Aaron Booram.

Third Generation

11. Aaron Booram (Anne Van Sandt-2, Rebecca (Sarah) Vandegrift-1) was born.

Elizabeth Johns was born.