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Vandergrift Photo Album

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Hervormde "Oude Kerk" Charlois, Rotterdam, Netherlands (The Old Church)
Frances Matilda Van de Grift Stevenson
The Robert Louis Stevenson Family
RLS and Fanny's daughter Isobel Osbourne
The Stevenson Home at Vailima, Western Samoa
Roll Vandergrift,  Lawrence County, Missouri
William Jackson Holt -grandson of George Vandergriff
James Vandergriff -grandson of Gilbert Vandergriff & Dicey Brock (Lallie and Nancy)
Edgar N. Vandegrift - St. Clair County, Alabama
The John Vandagriff Family - DeKalb County, Tennessee
The Andrew Vandagriff Family-DeKalb County, Tennessee
Christopher Vandegrift -1773

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