Grainger County Tennessee - Petitions
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Grainger County Petitions - Miscellaneous

Petition,Ex Parte
A.Owens John Roach
Hamilton Roach and N Mc Elheney
filed 3 Apr 1878 P.M. Suiter? Clk.

To the Worshipful County Court of Grainger County Tenn, holding Court at Rutledge April 1878

The Petition of Alpheus Owens Hamilton Roach, John Roach, and Natrhaniel Mc Elheney Citizens of Grainger County respectfully respresents unto your Worships that Margaret Roach a resident of the 5th civil district of said county of Grainger is a woman of greatly advanced years and a retiet of Greene Roach deceased.

That she is now and long has been living almost alone upon a small piece of land, being the Dower interest assigned to her out of the Estate of the said Greene Roach^decd and with no one with her capable of administering to her wants and necessities arising from the infirmities^both in mind and body resulting from feebleness & age

Your petitioners further represent unto your Worship that the said Margaret Roach as they are informed and verily believe was the owner of several valuable notes of various amounts, and other small property but much of which has already passed from her possession and entirely from under her control,receiving in return nothing for its value, and being over persuaded and controlled by an undue influence exerted over her by others for their individual benefit.

They further represent that the said Margaret Roach is greatly liable to be imposed on in this way not only by her relatives,but even by others, and that the little she had may be synandered?and lost to her at a time when she may most surily need it for her comfort and support.

They further show that her weakness of mind is so great that it is necessary for this Worshipful Court to intervine in order to protect her and preserve her property by appointing a guardian to take charge of her and her property,and to that end that a writ of enquiry issue to the sheriff of the said county directing him to make the (it left off here)
my note SR

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