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Owens & Mallicoat

File contributed by Sharon Roach

The census of 1850 at Grainger Co, TN; listing for Alphius Owens and family:

Alphius Owens 45, Tampa Owens 44, Alphius Owens 19, Joseph Owens 17, Anna Owens 15, William Owens 11 and Nicholas Owens 8. Gr 460-63 NC NC

Nicholas Owens; b. circa 1841 at Grainger Co, TN; m. Adalene Pratt Mar 18, 1861; m. Nancy Elizabeth Davis Feb 19, 1866. Note: Owens, Nicholas age 82 B NC fa Alf-?- Owens (NC) mo Martha Owens (NC) d 1922 #23

William; bur; "There is no listing in the cemetery book for a William Owens b ca 1838. In the HEath Chapel Cemetery there is a William Owens listed but no birth or death dates are given. It only says, Co B 8 Tenn Cav, which was the unit he served in during the civil war;" d; There is a William Owens age 74 b Tn, fa & mo not given, died 1914 # 193

"Tennessee Vital Statistics Grainger Co TN;" m (2nd slr). Mrs. Zuba Evans; b. circa 1840 at Grainger Co,

1880 census....MO.

( Susan (Roach)+ Hamilton Mallicoat parents of J.J.Mallicoat--SLR) all born Grainger Co. TN

Roach .Mallicoat & #2

Mary R. Owens the oldest child of Robert and Nancy (Mayes) Owens married James J Mallicoat on December 1866. James J Mallicoat birth was listed ca: 1847.

Henry A. Owens the second oldest child of Robert and Nancy Owens married Elizabeth Mallicoat around 1868.

Susann Mallicoat b 14 March 1823 - d 4 June 1885 and is buried in the Logan/Duff cemetery . the cemetery is about 1/2 mile south of Turner Cemetery in Washington Township. She is buried next to Henry A. Owens b 18 Feb.1850 -d 21 Jan 1900.

1860 Jefferson County, Tennessee 228-442...he married Susan( Roach) Mallicoat 1866 in Grainger Co. TN.

C. C. Nance (m) age 60, E. (f) age 50, J. (f) age 17, Wm. 13, H. (m) age 12,Geo. 7, J. WATSON (m) 6 and R. STONE (m) age 3.

Susan Roach that married C.C. Nance in 1866 was the dau of Green and Margaret (McDaniel) Roach . She was also the same one who md Hamilton S. Mallicoat..and he died in 1859,and she was a widow on 1860 census where she lives near Green Roach and next door to John Roach 445..

John A. ROACH B;ca: 1835 per 1840 and 1850 Census Grainger Co.TN ( who I believe) is the rightful heir of the John ROACH and Sarah (Romans) below, John A. ROACH M:2 Nov 1854 Grainger Co. TN. Elizabeth HANCOCK, they had a Daughter Martha Jane Roach B: 1855/6 and then Elizabeth died (?)...., John A.ROACH M: 2 July1859 to Amanda DYER on the 1860 Grainger Co.TN census: John ROACH 25, Amanda 20,and Martha Jane (?) age 4,

I have the( original) hand written by John himself(?) Will of John ROACH and Sarah (Roman) dated:31 Dec 1872, also have other estate records that mention Jasper Newton as son of John dated Dec 1st 1873

The Will lists wife: Sarrah six sons, William, Absolum, James, Alfred, John , David grandaughter :living with them, Martha Jane ROACH, and another girl by the name of Nancy Jane HODGES, John Roach wants it understood, that these girls are to be left in his or his widows care until they Marry, the Executer is A.S.ROACH. Witnessed : C. J. Morgan (?).J.N. Roach

Depositions of Owens #3

Civil War: William Owens

( S/O Alpheus Owens sr. & Tempa)

Pension was denied at various times and he had to get depositions from various people.

Alpheus Owens (jr): Deposition - April 20,1864

-(-this is Alph Jr.SLR)

He states he is the brother of William. He is 62 years old and is a farmer in Rutledge. He says William worked for their brother, John and for their brother in law James James house. There was a year or two that William lived in Anderson County several years before the war, but came back to the Rutledge area. When the war broke out several of them were captured and taken to a Rebel prison. These included the following Owens brothers: Alpheus, Joseph, John, and William. Nicholas wasn't captured. I think they had started to Kentucky, but am not sure. Nicholas joined the Union in 1861, but William stayed behind until 1863. When William came home hurt......Alpheus met him in the woods where the confederate could not find them. He was moved around so he could not be found.

Amy Owens Galyon - April 20, 1894

She states she is 57 years old. She is a houskeeper in Daisy Del Grainger Tennessee. She was married some years before the war. William worked for her husband. James. A good many were captured, who had started to Kentucky. She says they were all nearly starved when they came home from the war. She thinks he first went to their brother, John's. He stayed 2 -3 years with her after comming out of the army until he married.

Rebecca Spires - April 20,1894

(she was born 1819 and md Hiram Leffew in 1839 SLR)

Doyal in Grainger Tennesse is where she lived and was a housekeeper. She lists her age as 90. She was the 2nd of 12 children. She was married in 1819. After their father died William stayed around with his brothers and sisters. After William came out of the army he kept a grocery and drank a good deal of liquor. She never heard of him being drunk. She says he was treated by a Dr. Legg.

Jane Hancock - April 20, 1894

She is 61 years old and a housekeeper. She was the sister to John Owens' wife. She said William went to Rutledge and worked at a Saloon after the war.

Nancy L. Nance

She is 47 years old and a housekeeper. She is the daughter of William's brother, John. She said William stayed with them a long time after he was hurt at the battle of Kingsport. She said there were 5 - 7 bones that came out of his arm (one that was as long as her finger). She said he had them in a box.

Nicholas Owens - April 13, 1894

He was about 53 years old. They were not real sure of their ages. He was a farmer in Rutledge. He was a member of CO C or G of 2nd TN Calvary. He thinks he enlisted in November of 1862 and was discharged in 1865. He saw William in the hospital in Nashville while he himself was on leave. He said there was a lot of measles going around the prison. He states that he and William were younger than the rest (of their siblings) and were together a great deal.

There are other depostions not entered, some from Wm himself and one from bro-in-law John Roach taken in 1873 .........................................................................................................................

Note: Nicholas Owens and Nancy Elizabeth Davis listed in the Grainger Co., Tn Cemetery Records, South of Clinch Mountain are: Sunrise Cemetery:( near Rutledge,Grainger Co. TN) Nicholas Owens Co G 2 Regt Tenn Cav November 23, 1841 February 14, 1922 death record note: OWENS,Nicholas age 82..Fa: Alphus Owens (NC) Ma:MarthaOwens(NC)..this is in-correct..Martha was 2nd wife and they had no children..Tempa was Ma: of all 12 Nancy Elizabeth Davis, wife of N. Owens March 4, 1843 March 21, 1920 Age 77 yrs 17 days (Nicholas) Civil War: enlisted in Civil War in Nov , 1862.
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