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Jacob Leendertszen Van der Grift

Jacob Leendertszen Van der Grift, like his brother Paulus, was in the employ and service of the
West India Company of Holland as a sailor aboard the ship "Swel", lying between Curacao and New
Netherland. It carried 22 guns and 76 men, and in 1644 it was directed to New Amsterdam and,
being an old ship, was sold upon its arrival. At that time Jacob chose to remain in New
Amsterdam and became a bottler.

On July 19th 1648, he married Rebecca Fredrickszd Lubbertsen, daughter of Fredrick Lubbertz
and Styntje Janszd. Having married well, Jacob prospered in more than one way. On March 7,
1652 he was commissioned by the Burghormaster and Sheppens of New Amsterdam as
Measure of Grain. and in 1656 he was made a "Small Burger" of New Amsterdam.

In 1662 we find Jacob a resident of Bergen, New Jersey, and that same year, on May 29, he
moved to Breuckelen, Long Island. In 1665 he moved onto the Strand of North River (The
Hudson), where he was asked to account of the expense of quartering 100 English soldiers on
the Dutch Burgers. On October 9, 1667 he received a patent from Governor Nicholis for the land
on the island of Manhattan, on the North side of the Great Creek (Harlem River), which in 1668
he sold to Isaac Bedloe. He then moved to Noordwyck on the North River, where he purchased
land from his brother Paulus. Between this date and 1686, he again moved to Newton or
Newtown, Long Island, and continued to live there with his wife and family until he died. It is
believed he is buried in the cemetery of the Old Dutch Reformed Church in Newtown (now
known as Elmhurst, Long Island). The theory Jacob is buried at the Dutch Reformed Church in
Newtown does carry weight, as he is listed as witness to several of his grandchildren's baptisms at that church.

After the death of Jacob, in 1697, Rebecca removed to Bensalem Township in Bucks County,
Pennsylvania, and records show she was living there in 1710.

Name: Jacob Leendertsz VANDERGRIFT Father: Leendert Evertz VANDERGRIFT (abt 1587-)
Mother: Maritje POUWELSD (abt 1585-)
Individual Facts
Chr 23 Oct 1622 in Amsterdam, Holland
1. Rebecca Fredrickszd LUBBERTSEN
Marriage 19 Jul 1648
Children Maritje Jacobse VANDERGRIFT (bp. 29 Aug 1649)
Christian Jacobse VANDERGRIFT (26 Feb 1651)
Annetje (Anna) Jacobse VANDERGRIFT (16 Mar 1653)
Leendert Jacobse VANDERGRIFT (19 Dec 1655)
Nicholas Jacobse VANDERGRIFT (5 May 1658)
Frederick VANDERGRIFT (20 Aug 1661)
Rachel Jacobse VANDERGRIFT (20 Aug 1661)
Johannes VANDERGRIFT (26 Jun 1667)

Information from work of Bill Fudge which came to me through descendants in my line.
Information received from Kathleen M. Smith.
"A Vandergrift Family Tree", Compiled by Rowland Holcomb, with information from Erskine