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Grainger County Marriages

© 1998

The following list was extracted by Betty Allen from "Marriages of Grainger County, Tennessee 1796-1837", Edythe Rucker Whiteley.

The following marriage list was contributed by Kenneth Hodge. If you seek/have further information, please contact him at: khodge at

Hodge/s Marriages in Grainger County

Marriages in Grainger Co., Tn. prior to 1840

Part III - Sharon Roach

More marriages; Grainger County 1869,hopefully I can spell these right they are from the original micro-filmed page and very hard to see(quite small) some letters are hard to determine.
Marriage license Iscd for 1869.Marriage same or next day or so.

Same for 1874

Grooms_________________Brides (ours*)

I copied these exactly the way they were/-miss-spellings and all

Selected Grainger County Marriages - Contributed by Sandy Eskew
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