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Death Records of Grainger County Residents

The records here are for those individuals who have, at one time, resided in Grainger County. If you have records to contribute, please e-mail me at


THAT WE-----James H.Peck-----Ben Peck and Thomas Lathim------ are bound to the State of Tennessee, in the penalty of -----twelve hundred----Dollars.

WITNESS our hands, this----7---day of---May--------1867

THE CONDITION OF THIS OBLIGATION IS SUCH That, whereas, the above bound---James H. Peck---------------------- ------------------------------------------------------has been appointed administrator-------of Green Roach-------------, deceased: now if the said ---James H. Peck----------------- -------------------------------shall well and truly,as such administrator-------,perform all the duties which are,or may be required of-him-by law, this obligation shall be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

Jas H. Peck (seal)
Ben Peck (seal)
Thomas Lathim (seal)

Approved by the court and ordered to be recorded I ?D. Curl Chairman

#2------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- place of Death---------------------------------------------------Reg.Dist # 901-----------------------file# 8516 Webster W Benton Full Name---John Roach
Date of death:February 27---1910
Date of birth---June 15-1816
Age---93yrs.--8 mos--12 days
Occupation: Farmer
Birthplace:Granger Co. Tenn.
N.O.F.--Green Roach-----B; N. Carolina
N.O.M.--Margaret Elizabeth McDaniel---B: N.Carolina
Informant----J.W. Owens, Rogersville.MO.
Filed Mar 6, 1910,00W.A. Atkins
Cause: Pneumonia
P.O.B: Dodson Cemetery---Feb 28, 1910,---undertaker: G.W.Cogly

Clarkie Roach Died 9 Jan 1905,age 90
Tombstone (homemade, very crude)
Dodson Cemetery,Clay Twp.Greene Co. MO.

#232 July 4 /---A.H. Roach Male/ wht.---32, farmer
Died: 25 may 1885
P.M.---Married---American---this state:2 yrs--died: Clay twp
Dr: T. J. Watts
Where born: Tenn.

Place of death, CO:-- Ravalli.---twp Corvallis---Village: Victor----
file # RAV 4----- 156 -- reg # 21
resident : 13 yrs.
Full Name: James Anderson Roach
Date of death:June--24--1920
D.O.B. May 19 1845-----age 75 yrs--1 Mo.---5 Days
Occ: farmer
P.O.B: Tenn
N.O.F: John D.Roach Born: Tenn
N.O.M: Clarke Owens Born: Tenn
Cause: appoplexy
Informant: Elmer Roach :Victor,Mont
P.O.B: Corvallis Cemetery, June 26----1920
Undertaker: John Dowling,--Stevensville

OWENS : Buried in Dodson Cemetery,Greene Co.Missouri----were born or raised in Grainger Co.TN. Tombsotone Inscriptions:
Robert Owens: b: 21 Sep 1827-----d: 16 Oct 1899
Nancy (Mayes) Owens b: 28 Jun 1826----d:22 May 1899
Several of their children are also buried there.

As in all death records, and tombstone records, they are subject to errors, especially in age and Date of birth etc. sometimes tombstones are made long after the death,If there wasn't one to begin with or the old one fell apart,as in the case of very old wooden ones.also some were homemade and hand carved on stone, but can crumble in time. Sharon Roach
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